For any brand, Sponsored Brand Ads are a vital part of an effective advertising strategy on Amazon. Sponsored Brand Ads may display on top of, alongside, or within search results, and help generate recognition for your brand and product portfolio. There’s an abundance of material, information, opinions, and debate over the most effective strategy related to Sponsored Brand Ads, but historically, all brands and advertisers have shared the same frustrations over the inability to change a Sponsored Brand Ad.

In the past, to make a change to an active Sponsored Brand Ad, advertisers needed to archive the current campaign and create a whole new campaign. For brands continually optimizing ad campaigns, re-creating and relaunching was less than ideal.

With the launch of creative editing for Sponsored Brand Ads, brands can now edit products, headline copy, and brand logos without re-creating the campaign. 

In addition to saving headaches for advertisers, the new feature helps brands and advertisers:

Keep relevancy of existing Sponsored Brand Ad

What ad to serve to customers takes into account the relevancy of the ad. Over time, the ad builds relevancy with a particular customer base, and the more data tied to your ad, the better performance you can expect (all things equal). With the update, you can now make necessary changes to well-performing campaigns without pausing momentum or deleting valuable history and data.

Quickly update Hero ASIN’s & remove discontinued and ineligible products

Historically, you would have to create a whole new campaign to update any of the three ASIN’s that were part of your Sponsored Brand campaign. The new feature allows advertisers to quickly update hero ASIN’s to ensure they’re capitalizing on all impressions and leading with in-stock ASIN’s.

A/B Test & Optimizing Ad Spend

Variables must be considered when comparing ad performance or running any A/B test. By not losing relevance, historical data, and being able to quickly modify if needed, you can run an accurate A/B test. As a result, the data will contain fewer variables making the data more reliable and allow advertisers to make better investment decisions.

What seems like a minor feature roll-out, will save advertisers time & money in both the short and long term. Also, the move shows Amazon Advertising is continuing to invest time and resources in developing new tools and features to make their platform more user-friendly.

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