WEBINAR: Why CRO is a Must in 2022

📣Labelium Americas is proud to present: Why CRO is a must in 2022!

Getting visitors to your website with a strong SEO strategy is great, but they need to convert once in your store.

💡Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of experimenting and testing website changes to maximize conversion rates.

In this 30-minute webinar, we partnered up with the #1 A/B testing tool on the market, VWO. What you will learn:
– The Value of CRO to your Business
– Creating/Starting a Testing Practice
– Optimizing for a Specific Audience
– Starting & Measuring Progress

Join Carlos Spallarossa, VP of ECommerce and CRO/SEO, Thomas Alibert, CRO Account Manager, and Siddharta Kathpalia, Associate Director of Marketing Americas, VWO, to learn why CRO is a must-do practice for your business in 2022!

🚀Don’t miss out on this webinar. You might discover just the thing you needed to crush 2022!

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