WEBINAR: Why CRO is a Must in 2022

đź“ŁLabelium Americas is proud to present: Why CRO is a must in 2022!

Getting visitors to your website with a strong SEO strategy is great, but they need to convert once in your store.

đź’ˇConversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of experimenting and testing website changes to maximize conversion rates.

In this 30-minute webinar, we partnered up with the #1 A/B testing tool on the market, VWO. What you will learn:
– The Value of CRO to your Business
– Creating/Starting a Testing Practice
– Optimizing for a Specific Audience
– Starting & Measuring Progress

Join Carlos Spallarossa, VP of ECommerce and CRO/SEO, Thomas Alibert, CRO Account Manager, and Siddharta Kathpalia, Associate Director of Marketing Americas, VWO, to learn why CRO is a must-do practice for your business in 2022!

🚀Don’t miss out on this webinar. You might discover just the thing you needed to crush 2022!

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