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First-Mover Gaming Advertising Agency Dedicated to Integrating Brands Into Gaming And Digital Entertainment Goes Live With Accreditation by Twitch Gameplan

CHICAGO, March 9, 2021 – Labelium is launching NXTLVL, a game-changing division exclusively dedicated to integrating brands into digital gaming. The new unit is based in Chicago and led by Clayton McLaughlin, Managing Director of NXTLVL. NXTLVL’s tagline is “Navigation for the Wide World of Gaming,” and the new agency specializes in brand integration, product insertion and virtual experiences within gaming platforms. You can view a digital announcement HERE.

“The cat’s out of the bag. Gaming is the new advertising frontier,” said McLaughlin. “Three billion players globally with 180 million in the US alone and 23 million in Canada. The demographic of a “gamer” today is as diverse as humankind, including female gamers who account for 63% of all mobile gamers. Normally advertising follows eyeballs, but somehow gaming continues to be overlooked. Maybe it’s the complexity of the gamer and game experience. Maybe there’s just not enough tech. Or maybe it’s time to stop ignoring this huge opportunity. NXTLVL’s mandate is to focus entirely on gaming, helping our clients become first-mover pioneers in this new frontier.” 

NXTLVL will be driven by a dedicated team based in Chicago and directed by McLaughlin. The team is one of the first teams worldwide to obtain leading gaming streaming platform Twitch’s brand-new advertising certification, Twitch Gameplan.

“NXTLVL’s mandate is to focus entirely on gaming, helping our clients become first-mover pioneers in this new frontier.”

Clayton McLaughlin, Managing Director of NXTLVL

NXTLVL will also tap into individual talents and teams across the breadth of the global agency, harnessing Labelium’s broad access to insights, data and technology in order to generate brand impact and cultural relevance.  

“NXTLVL is another big step forward for the agency and our clients,” said McLaughlin. “For years, the digital entertainment and gaming space has been an evolving resource for brands. Lately, the global health crisis has ramped up the relevance of digital platforms as critical touchpoints for consumer connection. We are responding to this development by providing our clients with services that place them at the center of the action.”

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