Widening the conversion funnel from the top, drawing the attention of more and more users, is the basis of Betclic’s online business. The online sports betting company devotes a large part of its digital efforts to connecting with audiences in the discovery phase. The advertising inventories of YouTube and Google Display Network (GDN) offer the widest coverage on the market, which is why they are perfect for reaching new targets who are willing to try Betclic’s entertainment services.

Feeding the funnel from the TOFU stage, Betclic’s greatest challenge

Betclic wanted to add a new strategic approach to its YouTube and Google Display Network presence, and Labelium Play proved the perfect partner. With the support of Labelium’s Audio, Video, Connected TV, DOOH and Gaming specialized division, Betclic considered combining the potential of YouTube and GDN to work on the top of the funnel (TOFU) in its advertising tactics.

YouTube + Google Display Network: joint work on two wide-ranging platforms

Betclic and Labelium Play sought the synergies between YouTube and GDN to create a scenario where ads on both networks could work in a complementary way. The cornerstones of the strategy were:

  • Selection of equivalent audience segments in both environments.
  • Use of the same creative visual line for the design of image and video assets for publishing.
  • Activation of always-on campaigns.
  • Enrichment of objectives to exploit all the possibilities of the different formats. Thus, in addition to focusing on awareness, Brandformance actions such as YouTube’s Video Action Campaigns (VAC) and ads that directed users to the consideration stage were planned to drive traffic to Betclic’s website.

“Creating two campaigns in different formats using an always-on strategy has not only allowed us to optimize their performance as regards costs, but we have also managed to increase viewability and consideration within only one month, with many more qualified visits to the website, using video and banners on different networks”.

Patricia Lozano, Head of Strategy of Labelium Play

Betclic triples clicks and more than doubles the CTR of its campaigns in only one month

After implementing these changes in Betclic’s strategy on YouTube and GDN, the evolution of the campaigns’ results was spectacular after only one month. The most significant progress was reported in consideration metrics. The comparative assessment of April and May, with the same budget, revealed a 171% increase in the number of clicks, with 154% improvement in CTR.

As regards profitability, this trend translated into a 66% month-on-month reduction in CPC.

Results achieved by Betclic with its TOFU campaign on YouTube and Google Display Network (GDN)

“At Betclic we strongly depend on a full top of the funnel (TOFU) or, if you prefer, we always seek to have a very thorough awareness stage. The Youtube + Google Display Network combo allowed us to fulfil this premise of presenting our brand to people who did not know about our business”.

Cristiano Lucas, Acquisition Manager for Betclic Portugal

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