Channels such as GDN (Google Display Network) or YouTube afford great potential for brands to impact a broad variety of target audiences. However, they sometimes fall short because of business objectives or the sector’s particularities. When this happens, Labelium Play helps its clients to think out of the box and expand their horizons. This is how Betclic, an online gambling and sports betting house, ventured to try Teads to display its advertisements in publisher environments and for audiences who had, so far, been unreachable.

Betclic faces the challenge of giving their monthly promotions a new twist

Betclic intended to hold its Casino Month, a period of special promotions focused on this game, in June 2022, but when it came to planning the online actions for the Portuguese market, Betclic hit a glass ceiling. Because of the constraints of its sector, increasing the outreach of its campaigns only using Google’s advertising network was very difficult, making the search for new alternatives necessary to achieve incremental reach.

Premium publisher inventory and non-intrusive formats, Teads’ greatest appeals

Betclic contacted Labelium Play, its specialist partner in Audio, Video, CTV, DOOH and Gaming, to explore options. After assessing the possibilities, Betclic and Labelium Play decided to move the Casino Month campaign to a publisher environment using the Teads platform. Ad management was based on:

  • A premium placement inventory with the preparation of a media whitelist tailored to the Portuguese market.
  • The use of ultra-specific segmentations using the Custom Audiences function on Teads Ad Manager (TAM).
  • Low intrusion ad formats, such as Social Posts, aimed at engagement and with a two-week lifecycle.
  • A buying model based on vCPM, which stands for cost-per-thousand viewable impressions, to ensure high Ad Viewability maintenance for the invested budget.

“Trying the Teads platform for Betclic has no doubt been something positive and an open door for the future. It has allowed us to achieve incremental reach, with a highly segmented and precise target, to users who we might have no longer been able to reach using GDN or YouTube”.

Patricia Lozano, Head of Strategy of Labelium Play

Betclic acquires traffic at very competitive CPCs with a good segmentation on Teads

The alliance between Betclic and Teads proved to be a great asset. Regarding the benchmark, Betclic’s Casino Month closed with 23% more clicks, cutting average CPC price by €0.20. And all this with a 45% cheaper CPM.

Results achieved by Betclic with its new advertising campaign to reach new users on Teads

“At Betclic, we have achieved very strong and positive viewability with Teads across channels that we had so far not been able to reach through the Google GDN network. And, of course, the vCPM buying traffic model helped us to guarantee the highest level of performance for our campaigns”.

Cristiano Lucas, Betclic Acquisition Manager for Portugal

Are you wondering whether Teads or other publisher alternatives to Google’s display network are for you? At Labelium Play we offer you a tailored analysis of the needs of your business to make it grow without limits in the Audio, Video, CTV, DOOH and Gaming online ecosystem.

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