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Meet footsprint, Labelium’s new digital sustainability agency.

Building the digital ecosystem of the future doesn’t have to come at the expense of business performance. That is why the global e-commerce performance agency Labelium is launching footsprint, the first end-to-end digital sustainability change management partner.

Labelium’s new division aims to accelerate the digital industry’s decarbonization by empowering companies in reducing their carbon emissions through responsible & sustainable digital marketing efforts. The brand is led by Elisa Boivin, ESG Director of Labelium Americas, with a strong background in digital performance.

By working at the crossroads of sciences with a seasoned environmental and digital experts team, footsprint improves digital sustainability metrics while delivering on e-commerce performance

Committed to positively impacting the planet & society, the division will be redistributing 10% of its margins to environmental and social projects through vetted partners such as 1% for the Planet, Ecologi and Eden Reforestation Projects. 

Three things you need to know about footsprint:

  1. Digital is (very) late to the sustainability game, and footsprint was created to lead the change. 

With almost 40 billion tons of CO2 generated each year, the global digital industry already has a larger carbon footprint than the entire civil aviation. Late to the sustainability game and still unaccounted for in today’s ESG indexes, the sector is expected to generate 8% of world emissions by 2025.*1

If device manufacturing and electronic waste are often designated as the main pollution drivers, the impact of e-commerce and online advertising is massive – and skyrocketing.

  • Research shows that today’s average web page is nearly 4.5 times the size of a web page in 2010, consuming more electricity than before.*2
  • The average advertising campaign is estimated to generate 5.4 tons of CO2e*3 – which is about 35% of the average annual carbon footprint of a person in Canada.*4
  1. footsprint’s mission is to empower its clients in transitioning toward more responsible and sustainable digital practices.

While the urge to act is becoming critical, with growing pressure from institutions and public opinion (a recent study in France has shown that 92% of surveyed 15-24-year-olds are demanding from brands that they take action to reduce the environmental impact of their communications*5), the transformation towards digital sobriety represents a massive challenge. 

Indeed, it encompasses such a wide scope of actions and expertise. Studies have shown that the industry is suffering from a severe lack of guidance: 63% of professionals who have planned to measure and reduce their carbon impact do not know where to start*6.

footsprint was created as an end-to-end change-management partner. Its mission is to empower companies to transition towards more responsible digital practices.

  1. From web design to advertising, footsprint provides services to optimize the full digital value chain.

From website foundations to multichannel digital advertising, footsprint provides a full stack of sustainable digital solutions, built with a methodology based on the latest industry research:

  • Sustainable web design to ensure websites place people and the planet first through efficiency & sustainability by design.
  • Responsible media to reduce advertising emissions while boosting media performance.
  • Social Impact Advertising to develop an advertising approach in line with marketing goals that generate measurable positive impact through a network of trusted media & tech partners.

Developed with a strong ecological and business performance mindset, all services reconcile sustainability and digital performance:

  • From a visibility & engagement booster…: responsible & social impact media advertising is proven to drive higher brand recall and more interactions than regular ads, particularly when it comes to reaching Gen Z
  • … To a key to improving website performances: building lighter, more efficient websites help with SEO ranking and page speed, reduces friction and ultimately results in higher conversion rates.

“The launch of footsprint is very meaningful for the Labelium Group as an agent of transformational change to the practices of our industry. We strongly believe digital has the potential to be part of the solution to meet our global climate challenge, but the industry needs more accountability.” 

Anne Bougel, CEO of Labelium Americas


Why not start measuring and reducing your digital carbon emissions now? Join footsprint on Linkedin

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